A lifelong cartoonist, I've worked in many aspects within the field. As an editorial cartoonist, gag cartoonist, animator, children’s book illustrator, muralist, painter and instructor. I began career in 1986, drawing spot cartoons and illustrations in magazines before finally making it a full-time profession in 1993. My main focus initially was editorial cartooning and I landed my first gig as the off days editorial cartoonist for the Edmonton Journal in 1992. Shortly afterwards, my duties at the paper expanded to illustrating for the newspaper's Letters to the Editor page as well as colour covers for various sections of the paper. For 20 years I was also staff cartoonist for Vue Weekly, an alternative news weekly in Edmonton. My work had been syndicated in newspapers and magazines across North America. Many cartoons have been featured over the years in annual publications such as, “The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year”(USA)-Pelican Publishing and “Portfoolio”(Canada)

In 2010, along with writer Dawn Ius, I was approached by the Alberta Canola Producers Commission to illustrate an agriculture focused picture book. This project turned into a graphic novel for grades 4-6 and written with the Alberta Education curriculum in mind. The first book was a great success and has turned into a series of 10 books, all featuring Chase Duffy and his family and friends. Each book focusing on an important aspect of agriculture in Alberta and each book having direct links to Alberta Education's Program of Studies.  There have been 10 books in the series so far.  All the titles can be found in my books section. 

I've been a strong supporter of children's literature and I have a small collection of humour, cartoon and children books that will one day get me onto an episode of The Hoarders. I try to spend as much time as I can Teaching dozens of workshops on cartooning, writing and creativity with students aged 5 to 20 in schools and libraries across Alberta. I've been involved in a number children's lit organizations such as the Children's Literature Round Table, The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and The Young Alberta Book Society, where I was a member of it's board of directors and had the honour of serving as it's chairman.